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AAOE Collaborate FAQs


1. What is Collaborate? 

AAOE has transitioned to a new platform for member-to-member communication,  replacing the outdated technology of the current AAOE Listserv software. Multiple hardware issues during the last six months or so clearly indicated the need for a replacement. 


2. How different is Collaborate from the Listserv?

Ease of use tops the list of differences. The emails you’ll receive will be more structured and easier to read than a listserv alert. Replying directly to the sender or the entire group is a button click in your email. The discussions are organized by “threads” making it easy to track, read, and comment just in the areas that interest you.

In addition, Collaborate makes it easy to find other members in the directory, set your own privacy controls, manage your own subscriptions to each discussion, and to share resources in a searchable library.


3. When was all this scheduled to happen?

Collaborate officially launched the first of August 2017. The original decision to change platforms was made by the AAOE Board of Directors with input from several AAOE listserv users in the fall of 2015. The project was delayed for awhile due to changes in staff.


4. Do I have to do anything to join Collaborate?

All AAOE members are auto-subscribed to Collaborate as a part of membership just as you are auto-subscribed to the weekly AAOE eNews.  You have online community access as long as your membership is active.

You may choose to update your Collaborate settings to receive emails in real time rather than a daily digest. You also may choose a weekly consolidated digest or to turn off email notifications.


5. Do I have to login every time I visit, and remember yet another password?

You’ll sign in to Collaborate the first time with the same credentials you use to sign in to Check “remember me” option at sign on to make it fast and easy to re-connect going forward. If you need help with your sign in credentials, email or call AAOE member services at 800-247-9699.


6. Can I turn off or change the notifications [default set as Daily Digest]?

You may choose to update your Collaborate settings to receive emails in real time rather than a daily digest. You also may choose a weekly consolidated digest or to turn off email notifications. If you chose the option of no email, you will still be able to sign in to Collaborate to review discussions and/or to search the library of resources.


7. Can I add a new Discussion Topic?

Absolutely. Collaborate offers the opportunity for multiple discussion threads to be started and commented on. Threads will group comments with the original post, make reviewing much simpler.

Collaborate has kicked off with just one community making it very similar to the AAOE Listserv in that respect. However, the platform allows additional communities to be created with subscription options. The first additional communities to be added will support existing State Societies of practice administrators and others, such as a CEO only community, may be added soon after based on demand.


8. Why should I fill out my profile in Collaborate?

Let other members get to know you by sharing your professional and academic background. It's also easy to connect your LinkedIn, Twitter, and other profiles. 


9. How can I change my demographic profile details?

Several details in your membership profile are automatically uploaded into Collaborate. Updates should be made in your membership profile.


10. What happened to State Society listservs?

State administrator societies that had a listserv hosted by AAOE will be offered the chance to move to the new community platform.


11. What about the Code of Conduct?

To keep the community positive, vibrant, and inclusive of all, the code of conduct will be enforced. You will need to accept the Code of Conduct when you first log in to Collaborate before utilizing the platform. You will not be able to post without accepting the terms.


12. I updated details in my profile or reset my password, but I still can't sign in to Collaborate?

The membership database and Collaborate system are integrated and sync with each other every 30 minutes. Your understanding of the updating process is appreciated.


13. If I click on the Reply to Sender button I am automatically re-routed to the Collaborate page with a pre-filled "Post Reply" form. On the other hand, if I click the Reply to Group button I am routed to a new generic browser window. What did I do wrong?

The Reply to Group button should open up an email pre-populated for group distribution. If a browser window is opened instead, you simply need to update your Windows settings to set the correct default email service. 


14. How do I turn off emails when I'll be out of the office? I don't want to fill inboxes with Out-of Office replies.

The platform has some checks built in to try to prevent an out-of-office reply from posting. Collaborate is set up to recognize and reject a fairly long list of common words and phrases that indicate an auto-reply.


Of course, you have the option within each community to select "no email" or a digest option for email notifications at any time.


15. Why do some people have their logos in their signature blocks and others are plain text?

If you reply to a post from your email, your signature block including any logos or images will post. If you reply from the Collaborate site, your default Collaborate signature will show. Currently, there is not an option to upload a logo to your default Collaborate signature.


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